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Laurier-Station  |  Full-time/Permanent

VA Transport- Driver Class 1

Under the supervision of the Dispatcher, the driver at VA is responsible, resourceful, rigorous, attentive and conducts himself/herself as a professional. In addition, he/she operates the LCV with caution and courtesy.

Responsibilities :

  • Make local deliveries (Return to terminal every day or two);
  • Drive a semi-trailer truck safely on local roads.
  • Handle merchandise when loading or unloading the trailer;
  • Demonstrate courtesy on the road and to our customers;
  • Collect payments, if any, and remit them to the responsible persons;
  • Perform pre-trip verification;
  • Apply the various policies, work procedures, laws and regulations;
  • Completing transportation documents properly;
  • Any other related duties.

Requirements :

  • Class 1 license, FM endorsement;
  • Minimum experience: DEP or six months of relevant experience;
  • Must be comfortable speaking French and English;
  • Be able to make physical effort;
  • Good driving record;
  • Courtesy behind the wheel/conscientiousness/daredevil/safe driving.

We offer :

  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance