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At VA Transport, we are committed to supporting our employees in their career development!

We firmly believe in our employees' growth potential and their ability to seize new opportunities within our company! To this end, we offer a variety of development paths, such as mechanics, supervision, planning and heavy vehicle driving.

We've already helped many employees achieve their career goals, especially those who aspire to become transport drivers.

Our customizable training program is designed to fit each individual, recognizing and taking into account their unique aptitudes and abilities. We ensure that each future driver receives the best possible support, including personalized mentoring so that he or she feels comfortable and ready to overcome the challenges that lie ahead!

A transport driver must be reliable, careful, and in good physical condition to safely handle goods during pick-up and delivery operations.  Furthermore, they must offer exceptional, high-quality customer service. If you have these qualities and would like to find out more about the opportunities available to you, don't hesitate to contact us! At VA Transport, we're here to help you achieve your career goals.