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On the road to your dream career

Working for VA Total means joining a proud team and a place where fun, diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion are at the heart of the company's practices and culture. At work and in everyday life, your success is a top priority. Come and discover our career development opportunities!

Working at VA Total in a nutshell

  • Travel while you work

    Truck driving is a dynamic profession where drivers travel while they work. A trucker travels throughout throughout the provinces of Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes, and sometimes outside his local province..

  • Low employment rate

    The latest statistics from the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports show an excellent employment rate for those who have completed their training in a trucking school. More than 80% of D.E.P. graduates are employed.

  • Find peace on the road

    Driving a truck on long trips often encourages drivers to unwind. Despite the workload, it is possible to enjoy the pleasures of hitting the open road, such as our magnificent Canadian landscapes.